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Buying A Home

Buying a home can be painless and, yes, FUN!  Finding the right agent sets the tone for your entire experience. Why roll the dice on this one?  Find someone who is good at listening to what YOU want in a home.  Find someone who can present you with good options that you might not even be aware of. Find someone who can make everything come together in the end to your satisfaction. Good news! You've already found her!


I get to know my clients and pair their personalities and needs with my extensive knowledge of the Dallas area. When you talk, I listen carefully. Home size and price range are only starting points. I actually enjoy crunching the numbers on real estate values, taxes, utility and maintenance costs, municipal services and facilities, and proposed zoning changes that could affect where you decide to buy. When you are truly heard and understood, the home search process is easier.


Before the search begins, pre-approval for a loan is a must. I can recommend a broker who will work out your loan and get you financially set for the buying process. As we progress, I work closely with the lender to ensure that everything is on track to close on time.


My knowledge of the local landscape and market combined with my intuitive nature and 25+ years in Dallas means the path to your dream home will be a pleasant stroll. While I research, you can relax.  I'll keep you updated on new listings that meet your needs (often before they even hit the market!) and will continually adjust future showings based on your feedback. And if you see a home you like, let me know and I'll set up a showing.


Having spent years in the business, both as a consumer and an agent, I've developed a keen eye for things many wouldn’t notice. From simple upgrades to maintenance issues; future resale potential to changes that boost the quality of a home, I can help you spot the positives and negatives to better inform your purchase decision.


I'll help you craft an offer that strategically competes with other potential buyers and still works in your favor. I'll take care of the back and forth conversations that frequently ensue. You’ll be fully informed during the process and confident I'm looking out for your best interests. Once we successfully complete negotiations with the seller, we have a final CONTRACT. There are lots of moving parts once we reach this stage. I’ll keep you organized and moving closer to the closing table. You'll never have to figure it out alone.


During the inspection period I’ll help you find out about future fixes that might need to be made so that you can live happily ever after in your home. Again, at this point if you decide that your dream home is more than you can take on I'll help you determine if you should continue or walk away. And, thanks to those successful negotiations and favorable contract, you'll be covered in case you need to terminate.


Your lender arranges the appraisal, which is how they ensure that they are making a good investment in you and your property. I work with local lenders who work with seasoned appraisers to avoid surprises.


Closing day! We've done it! I'll help you review closing documents so there are no surprises at the closing table. After all the documents are signed and money transferred you'll get your keys and start living the good life in your dream home--the best ending to all the hard work!

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