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So you're thinking about moving to Dallas. Luckily for you, you've just come across an agent who is well-versed in everything this town has to offer! And I'd love to share my resources with you.  Moving to another city or state is a huge undertaking,  especially when you are buying a home before moving.  While some people choose to rent for a while, many people are ready to buy immediately.  House-hunting can be especially difficult if you are not able to be here actively looking at homes.  I'm here to take on the ins and outs of previewing homes and figuring out neighborhoods so you can focus on the move.

If you hire me as a relocation agent, I will go out to all the homes you are interested in to preview them and note when they do and don't meet your requirements. Often, I've skyped or done a Google hangout with relocation clients while previewing homes so they could get a good idea of exactly what the home is like. It's a great way to rules homes in or out!

While I have had clients purchase homes sight unseen, most clients want to see and touch the real thing before buying. We can go on back-to-back home showings all day when you are in town for a visit.  There are many unique neighborhoods in Dallas; I'll put on my tour guide hat and show you the areas that most appeal to you so you can make an informed decision.

In addition to helping you find a wonderful home, I can assist you with settling in to your new community. Whether this means finding a doctor, dentist, or preschool; getting involved in tennis or bridge; figuring out summer camps or weekend getaways; or finding contractors for improving and repairing your new home, I have a contact list full of resources! Just ask!

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